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Summary About Optimate4

Recommended for use on all types of 12V lead-acid batteries from 3Ah to 50Ah.

Additional Product Information


Desulfates and saves neglected batteries
Optimises battery power and life
Safe long term battery care
Tests the battery every hour
100% Automatic 100% Safe

ADVANCED features:
Improves on the standard method and includes new unique features.

Multi stage Desulfation - low voltage, 'Turbo' and pulse will recover sealed batteries, including cyclic cell and pure lead AGM.
A unique pulsing start up method will attempt to recover batteries as low as 0,5V.

Multi stage charging - bulk, pulse absorption, cell balancing ensures each cell in the battery performs at maximum.

Enhanced testing and safety - 48 hour charge timer, detection of a battery with a shorted cell during charging, 12 hour test and test at connection.
All the unique features found in each of the OptiMate battery saving charger-tester-maintainers are the most advanced in the world today, guaranteeing any vehicle or craft owner dependent on a 12V battery the ultimate in unsupervised long term battery care.

More Information

Charging Amps
0.8Amp of constant current available from 0.5V to 14.3V.

Charging Stages
9 Stage fully automatic.
Pre-qualification test / 3 types of desulfation recoveryfor different batteries and conditions / Bulk charge / Absorption & equalization / Charge verification / Voltage retention test / Maintenance program.

Desulfation Stages
Save batteries
All batteries lose charge when stored, discharge is speeded up when the battery is in the vehicle. Sulfation develops if a battery is left discharged for too long. Sulfation causes the battery to lose voltage and capacity, and the ability to accept a charge. The lost capacity cannot be returned by a standard smart charger, instead it quickly and incorrectly shows the battery as fully charged. OptiMate4 detects sulfation, then applies "first aid" to recover the battery - TURBO* controlled high voltage at low current for extreme sulfation to low voltage pulsing sulfation for batteries in the vehicle - for up to 2hours. When the battery is ready to accept charge, bulk charge starts. During long term charge maintenance mode a frequent desulfating pulse prevents sulfation from re-occurring, *The TURBO desulfation stage works best with the battery disconnected from the vehicle, it is automatically inhibited if vehicle electronics is detected. TURBO stage is disabled with CAN-bus program selected, safe low voltage pulse recovery remains active.

The OptiMate 4 is microprocessor controlled which always ensures correct program selection with optimum results and DUAL program selection via the battery clips.

Test Results
OptiMate 4 performs a short circuit / dead cell check that detects internal damage in a battery and will prevent unnecessary charging. For batteries able to accept charge, once the charger confirms the battery has accepted as much charge as it condition allows (or if the 48 hour time limit has been reached) the first check for battery power leakage begins. Depending on the voltage retained one of 5 possible test results is displayed on the test LED`s. The expanded test result provides an early warning that battery replacement may be necessary. The 30 minute tests periods repeat hourly after every maintenance charge period, to detect increased leakage by vehicle systems. Long term maintenance charging continues with any test result, even with a RED test light.

Ideal For
Recommended for use on all types of 12V lead-acid batteries from 3Ah to 50Ah.

The OptiMate 2 smart charger-maintainer is the most cost effective solution for long term maintenance of a 12V batteries in any vehicle / craft that is stored in or outdoors.

OptiMate 2 is weatherproof, very easy to use, simply connect to the battery and plug it into the nearest power socket, the rest is fully automatic. With 0.8A constant current OptiMate 2 automatically brings the battery to full charge and then switches to the unique OptiMate battery saving maintenance charge mode to keep the battery at 100% ready and at the same time provides power to the on board computer, display or anti theft alarm.
OptiMate 2 has been proven to extend battery life to 400%; batteries can last 8 years if maintained with OptiMate 2. To make this work always hook up OptiMate 2 to the battery when the vehicle is parked and OptiMate 2 will safely maintain the battery at 100%, never overcharging, thanks to its unique 30 min charge, 30 min rest cycle during every hour of long term maintenance charge.

Recommended for STD (with removable filler caps), sealed AGM (absorbed glass mat) & sealed GEL 12V lead-acid batteries up to 50Ah, it can also maintain larger batteries (it will just take longer to charge).
Weighing in at 1pound (450grams) including cables and accepting any AC supply between 100-240VAC, OptiMate 2 is a true world traveller.

Includes 2 connection accessories : SAE-71 permanent ringlet connector with weatherproof cap & SAE-74 set of battery clips.
Fully automatic operation that includes all safety features such as reverse polarity protection, no spark connection : approved to UL & CSA safety standards for automatic battery chargers.

3 year limited warranty.

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