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Car Batteries Mooi River Car Batteries Mooi River Car Batteries Mooi River

Mooi River is a small town in KwaZulu Natal and is a part of the Midlands Meander, which is an iconic tourism route in the area. People from all over South Africa flock here for the food and crafts on offer. Mooi River is also the gateway to the mountainous Drakensberg region, a popular spot for a relaxing getaway. It’s a rural area, though with spectacular accommodation and tourist spots. For car batteries Mooi River, one can make use of Battery Man. Battery Man is based in Pietermaritzburg and have been in the battery business for over 35 years. They carry a huge range of batteries for all needs. Their automobile batteries are from the First National Battery brand. 

Why use Battery Man
  • All of their car batteries Mooi River clients can rest assured that their batteries are made by First National Battery which is a South African company. Their products are not imported but are manufactured locally with the highest standards. Many of the big brand motor companies who have their vehicles manufactured in South Africa, such as Toyota, Volkswagen and Mercedes use First National Batteries as their choice of car battery. This is the standard of quality that the car batteries Mooi River customer can look forward to when purchasing from here.
  • All of the First Car Battery products go through extensive performance testing and chemical analysis. They only send out quality products, which has led to their reputation of leading battery manufacturer in South Africa.
  • They offer car batteries Mooi River for all vehicle types from passenger cars, trucks, commercial tractors and even boats.
  • They offer guarantees of 12, 18, 24, 36 months as per customer needs. 

Car batteries Mooi River services at Battery Man

Car batteries Mooi River customers can go Battery Man for a battery test to check on its status. Car batteries Mooi River can be tested here by trained staff and if a problem is found you can immediately be supplied with a new car battery and even get it fitted in as well. The staff are also skilled in checking alternator charging rates. They do deliveries around kwaZulu Natal and can also do pickups for used car batteries for recycling services which they also provide, as an added environmentally friendly service.

General Information on Car Batteries Mooi River

  • A car battery essentially stores energy that it gets from the cars alternator for use when it is demanded. Because of this, the car battery needs to be used often so that it can be regularly charged by the alternator. Car batteries will discharge if not used and will cause battery failure.
  • Car batteries are there to supply power to a car when you initially turn on the ignition. Therefore they play a very important part and need to be professionally checked every now and then to make sure they are in good condition. The car battery must also be maintained to have enough of power to get the vehicle to a safe spot should the alternator give out. Batteries also supply power to such items as radios, GPS and computer systems when the car is switched off. 
  • Car batteries can age and will need more charging the older the battery gets.
  • Cars are becoming more and more advanced and require more powerful batteries and this could even mean more than one car battery per vehicle.
  • Car battery failure is commonly caused by vibration damage, overheating, overcharging and sulphation.
  • Car batteries can explode when working with a battery or when jump starting it. The car batteries Mooi River customer should take note of this and take precautions such as using safety goggles, read the warning labels properly and not cause any flames near the car battery.
  • Vehicles need to be checked once a year for corrosion. Corrosion happens at the terminals and can be cleaned with a baking soda and water combination. 
  • Car batteries do eventually give off problems and some of the signs to look out for are
Dimmer headlights

The starter has become slow

In cold weather the car battery loses power very fast

The warning light will come up on the cars dashboard

The best way to know for sure is to have the car battery properly check at Battery Man.

  • A flat battery is one of the major reasons of car breakdowns and needing to call in help. For this reason it needs to be well maintained and expertly looked at before problems arise and you end up stranded somewhere waiting for help.