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Please note that our alternative telephone number for Pietermaritzburg 033 345 7290 is no longer in use. Please call us on 033 345 7288.

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Car Batteries Kloof Car Batteries Kloof Car Batteries Kloof

Kloof is a small town outside of Durban. The leafy suburb area is known for its mansions, many shopping centres and the Krantzkloof Nature Reserve. Kloof is also part of the route of the Comrade’s Marathon via the M3 Highway. For their car battery needs, Kloof residents can use Battery Man.

Battery Man Services

Battery Man is located in Pietermaritzburg but they do provide deliveries of their car batteries to customers around KwaZulu Natal. They also provide related services such as checking on the condition of car batteries and replacing them if necessary, as well as doing check-ups on alternator charging rates. All staff are fully qualified to handle any problems that customers who purchase their car batteries in Kloof, come in with. All of their car batteries are manufactured in South Africa by First National Battery. First National Battery is seen as the leading battery manufacturer in the country and many leading vehicle brands choose them as the company of choice to provide car batteries to their vehicles that are manufactured in South Africa. They also have stringent testing done on site to make sure all car batteries being produced by them is of the highest quality. People who purchase their car batteries in Kloof are getting this level of product from Battery Man. These car batteries supplied are for cars, trucks, tractors and boats. Battery Man also provides their customers who purchase their car batteries in Kloof with guarantees, which are available in several time periods. Battery Man’s delivery service can also do pick-ups of old car batteries which they safely dispose of. Car batteries cannot be disposed of like normal trash. They are hazardous and contain materials which can lead to harmful pollution to soil, air and water. This service is only available to areas in KwaZulu Natal which means that people who purchase their car batteries in Kloof via Battery Man, do qualify.

General Information on Car Batteries

Car batteries are rechargeable and their stored power comes from the cars alternator which provides power when the car is in motion. Cars, therefore need to be used often or the battery will discharge which will lead to battery failure. Battery failure can also be caused by

  • Vibration damage
  • Overheating
  • Overcharging
  • Sulphation

The car battery does not only provide power to start the car but also for such items as the radio and navigation systems. These days, vehicles are becoming much more advanced and may require more than one battery per car. Car batteries do age, and old batteries require more charging, putting a strain on the cars alternator. You don't need for a battery to die off before you know you have to replace it. For people who buy their car batteries in Kloof from Battery Man, there are certain things to watch out for, namely

  • Batteries older than 3 years should be checked once a year for damage. Battery Man can do the check-up for car batteries in Kloof if the car owner is unsure of what to do.
  • Cars that are used infrequently can damage the battery
  • Headlights becoming dimmer
  • Battery losing its power faster during cold weather