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Please note that our alternative telephone number for Pietermaritzburg 033 345 7290 is no longer in use. Please call us on 033 345 7288.

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Car Batteries Howick

Car batteries Howick   Car batteries Howick  Car batteries Howick

Battery Man has been operating in the battery business in Pietermaritzburg since 1978. They are all about supplying every type of battery you would need to surrounding areas like Howick and the rest of KwaZulu Natal. Howick is home to the Howick Falls (a 100m waterfall drop) and is the business centre of the Midlands Meander tourist route. This route is famed for its arts and crafts, and road trips here are a popular choice especially when coupled with the relaxing vibe for some time away. Howick is also the spot where Nelson Mandela was arrested leading to his 27 year imprisonment. 

Car batteries in Howick

  • Most people use Battery Man for car batteries in Howick,. They do deliveries to Howick and the rest of KwaZulu Natal for automobile batteries, which is a very convenient service.
  • They are also very environmentally friendly and all used car batteries Howick that they receive gets recycled. This refers to used car batteries from their service centre or ones that can be arranged for them to pick up.
  • For a full battery test, the car battery Howick customer may go to their site. The staff here have been expertly trained to test car batteries and replace them if necessary. Alternator charging rates can also be checked at this time for inconsistencies. 
Battery Man Services

Battery Man only uses car batteries that are manufactured locally. The company that supplies these car batteries to them is First National Battery, which is the leading battery supplier in South Africa. They are the preferred suppliers of car batteries to majority of the big car companies who have their cars made in South Africa such as BMW, Toyota and GM. The car batteries Howick customer is privy to this same level of quality when purchasing car batteries from Battery Man. Their products are fully tested with chemical analysis’s and performances tests. Car batteries Howick are supplied for cars, trucks, tractors and boats. Guarantees are offered on terms of 12, 18, 24 and 36 months. 

General Information on Car Batteries Howick

  • A car battery is a rechargeable battery that stores electrical energy that it gets from the cars alternator. Because car batteries are rechargeable they will need to be frequently used to be charged up by the alternator. Car batteries Howick that are left unused for some time will self-discharge and result in battery failure.
  • Car batteries are an important component of all vehicles. When you turn on the ignition of your car, the battery is there to supply power to start the car. Car batteries also give off power to extra car items such as navigation systems and radios when the car is switched off. The car battery must also have enough of power to supply to the car in case the alternator stops working. At the very least this energy must cover getting the car to a workshop or a safe place.
  • Car batteries do age and the older a battery gets and the more charging it will require when it does.
  • It is often seen as a myth but it is not. Car batteries can explode. Safety precautions must therefore be taken, to avoid injuries. The car batteries Howick customer should always wear safety gloves, read the warnings carefully, and prevent any flames and sparks near the battery when working on it, or jump starting it.
  • Sulphation, overheating, overcharging and vibration damage are some of the common reasons for car battery failure, which should be avoided.
  • Once a year the battery needs to be checked for corrosion and can be cleaned out with a mixture of water and baking soda. 
  • A good battery can last for up to 5 years if properly cared for. Without proper care, it usually goes downhill around 3 years and this would be an ideal time to get it looked at by the experts at Battery Man.
  • Some signs for you to keep an eye on for poorer battery function are:
  1. The brightness of the headlights. They will become dimmer when the battery is no longer operating well.
  2. During cold weather, the car battery will lose its power very fast.
  3. The warning light for the car battery will turn on, letting you know that performance is not good
Not providing proper care for your car battery can be very dangerous, and a flat battery can leave you stranded, until help comes along. This is not a good situation especially at nights and more so if you are alone.