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Please note that our alternative telephone number for Pietermaritzburg 033 345 7290 is no longer in use. Please call us on 033 345 7288.

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Car Batteries Empangeni Car Batteries Empangeni Car Batteries Empangeni

Empangeni can be found about 150km northeast of Durban. It is a countryside town with hills and plains that are in abundance. The Enseleni Nature Reserve which is 14km from Empangeni is home to a wide array of animals from giraffe, wildebeest and zebras to hippopotamus, crocodiles and many birding species. Empangeni resident’s car battery needs can be taken care of by Battery Man which can be found in Pietermaritzburg. Battery Man has been in the battery business for over 3 decades and supply almost all kinds of battery's you would ever need. Services for Car batteries in Empangeni can be taken care off with them as well. Their services on site are

  • Checking car batteries to ensure they are of good standing
  • Checking alternator charging rates
  • Replacing car batteries if they are worn out
For car batteries in Empangeni, Battery Man does provide a delivery service if Pietermaritzburg is too far to travel to. Battery Man provides delivery for their car batteries to all areas in KwaZulu Natal. Customers who purchase their car batteries in Empangeni with Battery Man can also make use of this service to have their old car batteries collected and disposed of safely. It is important to note that when car batteries are not disposed of safely they can contaminate the environment as they are classified as hazardous material.

About Battery Man's Car Batteries

The car batteries supplied by Battery Man all come from First National Battery. They are the leading battery manufacturing company in South Africa and is the company that brands such as Mercedes and Toyota go to for car batteries for their vehicles manufactured in the country. Their car batteries also go through extensive chemical and performance tests. This is the standard of batteries that their customers who purchase car batteries in Empangeni will be supplied with from Battery Man. Battery Man supplies car batteries for vehicle types from passenger cars to trucks and even boats. Battery man provides their customers who buy their car batteries in Empangeni with guarantees of 12, 18, 24 or 36 months.

Car Battery Information

The car battery is what supplies power to start the car. They also provide electrical energy for car items such as radios and GPS systems. Car batteries are rechargeable, and the recharge power comes from the cars alternator. The alternator only works when the car is in use, so cars not used for a while will not be recharged by the alternator and will result in battery failure. Car batteries can last up to 5 years with good care but usually after the 3 year mark it is wise to do a yearly check up to make certain that it is in good condition. This can be done by the car owner, but if you purchase your car batteries in Empangeni and are unsure of how to go about checking it then they can make a stop at Battery Man to have it professionally looked at. This is probably the better option as car batteries can explode if the proper precautions are not taken while handling them.