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Car Batteries Bergville Car Batteries Bergville Car Batteries Bergville

Bergville is a small town found next to the Drakensberg Mountains. The town lies in the middle of Johannesburg and Durban and is referred to as the Gateway into all of the holiday resorts in the Northern Drakensberg area. Today over 2500 km square of the town is dedicated to cattle ranching.

Using Battery Man

Bergville is close to 160km from Pietermaritzburg. However for those requiring car batteries in Bergville, Battery Man has a delivery service in KwaZulu Natal for which the town does qualify. During their delivery process Battery Man also collects used car batteries in Bergville. This is so Battery Man can dispose of these hazardous items the proper way to ensure no pollution to the environment. Battery Man's car batteries come from their supplier, First National Battery. First National Battery is one of the leading manufacturers of car batteries in South Africa. Their reputation is top notch with major car brands choosing their car batteries when building up their vehicles in South Africa. They test their car batteries fully with both chemical and performance methods. Their car batteries can only be bought from their network of distributors, of which Battery Man is a part of. Those wanting to purchase their car batteries in Bergville can do so for use in the following
  • Trucks
  • Tractors
  • Boats
  • Light motor vehicles

Battery Man provides insurance on car batteries in Bergville for periods of 12, 18, 24 and 36 months.

General Car Battery Information

A car battery is the component that sends power to start a vehicle. It also powers up items like navigation systems and the radio when the car is switched off. Car batteries are rechargeable and this is done through the cars alternator. In order for the alternator to charge the battery, the car needs to be driven. So if a vehicle is not driven for a while, the battery will end up discharging causing battery failure. To combat this, always make sure that a vehicle gets enough of drive time. Customers buying their car batteries in Bergville should make sure they are checked yearly starting from 3 years of age. It can be quite dangerous to handle car batteries and unless you have prior knowledge this should not be attempted. Even among the experienced, caution should be taken because car batteries can explode.
  • Always use safety gloves and goggles
  • Keep as far away from the car battery when handling it
  • Read all warning labels
  • Make sure there is no open flames near the car battery no matter how small in nature

Yearly check-ups for car batteries in Bergville are best done by the professionals. This way car owners are guaranteed of a fully functional, and in good order car battery. Other than the yearly check-up, cars do give off other signs that the car battery is on its way out

  • When the car is idle the headlights are not as bright
  • It begins taking longer to start the car
  • The car loses power quickly during colder weather