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Ballito is a quiet seaside town in KwaZulu Natal. The area has seen major developments in recent times in both the residential and commercial sector with gated residential estates and many shopping malls popping up. It is still seen as a quieter location to do a holiday by the sea as it isn't as crowded or busy as the main beaches around central Durban. Ballito is often called the Dolphin Coast because of the sightings of dolphins which can frequently be seen in its beaches. For car batteries in Ballito, people can make use of Battery Man. Also, since Ballito is located in KwaZulu Natal it is one of the areas that Battery Man delivers it products to.

About Battery Man

Battery Man has its base in Pietermaritzburg but do deliveries within all of KwaZulu Natal. They have been in the battery business for over 35 years supplying almost every type of battery. Their car batteries are from the First National Battery brand, which produces all of its products with the highest standards right here in South Africa. They do not import car batteries which mean that they oversee the entire production process and are confident of sending out only top quality car batteries. Their car batteries are the ones that are used in big brand motor vehicles like Mercedes and Toyota when they manufacture their vehicles in South Africa. The fact that they have been accepted to provide a component to these companies shows the high regard for their product. When purchasing car batteries in Ballito from Battery Man, customers can expect this level of product. Because of their standards they are seen as the leading battery manufacturer in the country. Their car batteries which can be bought in KwaZulu natal from Battery Man are for all vehicle types from
  • Light motor vehicles
  • Trucks
  • Commercial tractors
  • Boats

Battery Man offers guarantees on all of these products on time plans that best suit the needs of their customers who purchase their car batteries in Ballito. Battery Man’s services for car batteries don't end at just supplying them to the public. They also provide services whereby they do check-ups on car batteries. Their customers for car batteries in Ballito can even go here to have their car batteries expertly changed or to check alternator charging rates. Car batteries do wear out over time and it is important to have them checked before getting stranded with a car that won’t start. Some of the signs that their customers who purchase their car batteries in Ballito should look out for, for worn out batteries include

  • The brightness of the headlights which will become dimmer as the battery wears out.
  • The vehicle starter takes a while to start up the engine
  • The battery loses its power very quickly during colder weather
  • Most cars have a warning light, so even if you miss the other signs, this is the one that should definitely get your attention to seek help
The Battery Man delivery service for areas in KwaZulu Natal also allows for the pickup of old car batteries. Customers who purchase their car batteries in Ballito from Battery Man can request for pickups of used car batteries which can be safely disposed of.